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  • 26.01.2024

    Sobibór artefacts in the collections of the State Museum at Majdanek

    SS-Sonderkommando Sobibor was the final extermination camp of operation “Reinhardt” to be liquidated, and – in the hopes of the perpetrators – forever forgotten. The crime traces concealed in the autumn of 1943 as well as the evidence for the lives of Jews that were murdered in the camp have been recovered during the archaeological research and secured.

  • 25.01.2024

    The Infrastructure, Scope, and Death Toll of “Einsatz Reinhardt”

    On the International Holocaust Remembrance Day we invoke the memory of the six million Jewish women, children and men – victims of transports, inhuman living conditions in the locked ghettos, executions, manhunts, round-ups, extermination in the gas chambers. The central and the most bloody stage of the Holocaust was perpetrated in the General Government under the codename “Einsatz Reinhardt.”

  • 22.01.2024

    International Holocaust Remembrance Day

    The German Nazi concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated on 27 January 1945. In recognition of that event, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed it as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It constitutes an opportunity to even more eagerly reflect on the tragic fate of Jews – victims of hatred murdered during World War II – as well as on the current situation of humanity in the 21st century.

  • 05.12.2023

    Musuem and Memorial in Sobibór nominated to the 2024 European Museum of the Year Award

    We are proud that our branch - the Museum and Memorial in Sobibór has been nominated for the prestigious European Museum of the Year Award.

  • 27.11.2023

    80th anniversary of operation "Reinhardt" and our commemorative projects

    Recently we finished our nearly two-year-long campaign of commemorating the 80th anniversary of operation "Reinhardt." Between March 2022 and November 2023 we held nearly 50 various projects and activities that aimed at raising awareness about the genocide of nearly 2,000,000 Jews.

  • 22.11.2023

    The Infrastructure of operation "Reinhardt" - our new book for the English-speaking readers

    We are glad to announce that our latest book project has been accomplished. “The Infrastructure of Operation Reinhardt” is now available to the English-speaking readers

  • 19.10.2023


    Recently, we commemorated the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of prisoner uprising at the German death camp in Sobibór. The main ceremonies were held on 12 October, while the accompanying events terminated on 14 October with a ceremony commemorating the victims. It was a very personal ceremony, attended by descendants of survivors’ families, as well as by families of the camp victims.

  • 19.10.2023

    Sobibór: Place, Memorial, Exhibition

    Our new publication - Sobibór: Place, Memorial, Exhibition describes the new commemoration on the grounds of the former German Nazi extermination camp and the echoes of the tragic past that can now be discovered through reading the historical landscape.

  • 12.10.2023

    80th anniversary of the uprising in Sobibór

    On 12 October 2023, families of the Sobibór Survivors, representatives of many countries, international institutions, and martyrdom museums took part in the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the German Nazi death camp in Sobibór. On that day, we symbolically opened a new spatial arrangement of the Memorial Site. The event was held under Honorary Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda.

  • 05.10.2023

    New Commemoration at the Museum and Memorial in Sobibór

    The construction works of the new spatial arrangement on the grounds of the former German Nazi extermination camp have been completed. The commemoration will be available for our visitors on 13 October 2023.

  • 27.09.2023

    80th anniversary of the uprising in Sobibór

    In October 1943, the uprising broke out in the German Nazi death camp in Sobibór. It was one of the most heroic acts of Jewish resistance during WWII. As a result, about 300 prisoners escaped from the camp, from which ca. 50 survived the war. The ceremony commemorating the uprising is held on 12 October, at 13.00 at the Museum and Memorial in Sobibór.

  • 26.09.2023

    They rose against the Holocaust

    SS-Sonderkommando Sobibor was one of the three German extermination camps operating in the General Government within the framework of operation “Reinhardt.” Around 180,000 men, women, and children were murdered there. Over a half of the victims were the Polish Jews, and others included the Dutch, Slovak, Czech, French, German, and Byelorussian Jews.

  • 16.06.2023

    The Infrastructure of operation "Reinhardt"

    We present our new book in which we analyse "Einsatz Reinhardt" – the largest and the most bloody genocidal operation of World War II, focusing on its logistics and the extermination apparatus.

  • 14.06.2023

    Experts’ Discussion Around the New Book: The Infrastructure of operation “Reinhardt”

    At 5 p.m. on 20 June we invite everyone to the Majdanek, Bełżec, and Sobibór memorials for a special discussion: “The Landscapes of the Holocaust - the importance of the Lublin region in the history and commemoration of the mass extermination of Jews during World War II.” The root for the discussion, during which we will symbolically connect three memorial sites of operation “Reinhardt” camps, is the premiere of our new book.

  • 19.04.2023

    New volume of the "Varia" magazine: The subject of the Holocaust in the education of the State Museum at Majdanek

    On the Holocaust Remembrance Day we present the new issue of our "Varia" magazine. This volume is dedicated to the subject of education at the State Museum at Majdanek, particularly to the Holocaust education.

  • 30.03.2023

    “Maryla’s diary” – The truth about the extermination of Jews. A diary from the Warsaw Ghetto

    The collection of the State Museum at Majdanek ) contains an extraordinary diary – one of the most important testimonies to the extermination of the Polish Jews. 80 years after the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, in cooperation with the Prószyński Media publishing house we are releasing a new edition of this source

  • 16.03.2023


    On 16 March 1942, at 5.30 p.m. Hermann Höfle - an Austrian Nazi, at the head of the so-called "resettlement staff", and the chief logistician of the extermination of Jews in the General Government - convened a meeting of SS officers, security police functionaries, and the German civil administration representatives in Lublin. The subject of the meeting briefing was Odilo Globocnik's planned operation to liquidate the ghetto in Lublin‘s Podzamcze.

  • 06.03.2023


    On 6 March 2023, the Museum Council at the State Museum at Majdanek met. The Council members unanimously approved the report on the Museum's activities in 2022 and adopted the work plan for the current year.

  • 27.01.2023

    "The Traces of Operation 'Reinhardt' in Lublin" on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

    On the International Holocaust Remembrance Day we commemorate the 6,000,000 Jews murdered by the Nazi Germany during World War II. The number includes the victims of operation "Reinhardt" - the mass extermination of Jews in the General Government.

  • 23.01.2023

    The architecture of extermination camps. Discussion around the book of Annika Wienert

    Is the concept of architecture relevant with regards to the German Nazi extermination camps – places where the SS-men destroyed nearly the entire infrastructure used in the mass extermination of Jews persecuted by the Third Reich? Were there any differences between the spatial organisation of concentration and extermination camps? Should historical objects in sites like Bełżec, Sobibór, Treblinka, or Majdanek be subjected to reconstruction?

  • 17.01.2023


    Historical debates, conferences, educational seminars, film projects, and exhibitions –events commemorating the 80th anniversary of the operation “Reinhardt” were at the centre of activities held by the State Museum at Majdanek in 2022.

  • 20.12.2022


    Just before the very end of 2022, we hand to our readers two publications: “Majdanek. Obóz koncentracyjny w relacjach więźniów i świadków” [Majdanek. Concentration Camp in the Survivors' and Witnesses' Testimonies] and “Architektura nazistowskich obozów zagłady w Bełżcu, Sobiborze i Treblince” [The Architecture of the Nazi Death Camps in Bełżec, Sobibór, and Treblinka].

  • 10.11.2022

    Visit of an Austrian delegation

    On November 9, 2022, the representatives of the Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Director of the Mauthausen Memorial Barbara Glück visited the State Museum at Majdanek and the Museum and Memorial in Sobibór.

  • 26.10.2022

    Study tour of International Experts Board at Sobibór and Majdanek

    An international board of experts visited the State Museum at Majdanek and our branch – the Museum and Memorial in Sobibór. The study visit comprised scholars and researchers from various fields and academic hubs.