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The infrastructure of operation “Reinhardt.” Sites, sources, research postulates – academic conference

CALL FOR PAPERS || We invite historians, scholars, regionalist researches, and students to participate in the academic conference “The infrastructure of operation ‘Reinhardt.’ Sites, sources, research postulates” which will be held in Lublin on May 23-25, 2022.


In mid-March 1942, the “resettlement staff” established by the commander of the SS and police forces in Lublin authorised the decision leading to the liquidation of the ghetto at the Podzamcze quarter and to the commencement of deportations from Lwów. These two measures marked the beginning of the mass extermination of Jews in the General Government – a genocidal operation codenamed “Reinhardt.” Hence, the “final solution to the Jewish question in Europe” advanced into the next stage aiming for the total annihilation of Jews within the German-controlled territories. Over 1,500,000 Jews were murdered in the extermination camp in Bełżec, Sobibór, and Treblinka by the autumn of 1943. Several hundred thousand more perished in ghettos and were killed during “displacement operations” or in executions and manhunts. KL Lublin (Majdanek) and the forced labour camp at the pre-war airfield in Lublin (the so-called Flugplatz) were both important elements of the extermination programme.

During the academic session, we would like to concentrate on the topic of the broadly understood infrastructure and logistics of genocide – aspects that are frequently omitted in the historiography of the Holocaust and not generally recognised in the public discourse. We want to indicate not only the sites that are traditionally linked with genocide, such as extermination camps, but to explore the topic further and focus on the rally points for the deportees, railway infrastructure, warehouses for the stolen belongings, and mass execution sites – especially cemeteries that became a place of numerous places of executing the Jewish victims. The functions of those objects and sites as well as their post-war fates constitute another anticipated topic for discussion.


Historians, researches of various fields and domains, regionalist scholars, and students are all invited to participate in the conference. The candidates are requested to submit an abstract (1,000 characters including spaces) of their papers together with a biographic note, and send them to the conference secretary: The paper can include a presentation of photographs, sketches, and other materials.

Closing date for applications – March 15, 2022.

Organisational details.

The conference will take place in the State Museum at Majdanek. However, should additional restrictions related to the Covid-19 epidemic be introduced – the conference will switch to an online or hybrid form. The conference programme also includes the visits to the places connected with the history of operation “Reinhardt.”

The host covers the travelling expenses and provides the participants with hotel accommodation and provisions during the conference. The conference will be held in Polish. The papers are going to be included in a post-conference publication.

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